Wednesday, October 30

Photo: Fake R. Kelly Dupes Fans In Louisiana

According to 8 News, the King of R&B, R. Kelly  was nowhere to be found at the R.Kelly Live In Concert in Louisiana last weekend as fans waited for three hours after buying tickets to the show. Instead, a fake R. Kelly showed up late and lip sung throughout the concert.

Reports say fans haven’t stopped complaining bitterly after paying good money [$150] only to get a lip-synching impostor perform in the same concert at the Monroe Civic Center,La. Organizers apparently advertised the singer Saturday night [Oct.26] but once a performer finally took the stage, it wasn’t the real R.Kelly. Continue........
According to an eye witness, the same guy was spotted in a local restaurant earlier that day and when fans ran to him for pictures and autograph, he shunned them and took off almost immediately. It was the same guy who rocked the stage R. Kelly was suppose to perform, hours later.
Now, those in attendance want their $150 back!
The promoter of the show, Cedric Johnson [for Ced’s Black Tie Affair] had earlier said [through a text message to KNOE media] he would honor refunds but later, he claims he didn’t send any text message and wouldn’t refund a dime to anyone.
It’s still unclear whether R. Kelly was actually ever scheduled to appear at the concert because according to reports, promoters are denying that he was supposed to perform, while attendees maintain the performance was advertised.
The singer, whose new album “Black Panties” is scheduled for a December release, has not commented on the Monroe concert. He performed Sunday night in Southaven, Mississippi, according to Kelly’s Instagram.

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