Sunday, October 13

President's Daughter In Trouble As Photos Of Her At A Sex Party Were Exposed [18+ only]

The teenage daughter of Czech president, Milos Zeman is currently involved in a sex scandal as footage of her being at a 'porn party' cheering on gyrating naked men emerged in a local newspaper.
Zeaman was allegedly pictured (dressed in a white blouse and short black skirt) with friends at the event on Prague. See more pics after the cut (18+pls).... 
 The 19-year-old girl has denied the allegation that she was a part of the sex party. She insisted that the pictures of her are fake. Speaking through a spokesman the president's daughter said: 'This was not me. The photos are a hoax or some sort of fake.'
 But the editor of which initially published the photos, Pawel Nowotny, has now released the footage saying: 'This is viral on the Czech internet.
'And it is clearly her and not some look-a-like. She even has the same freckles. It is believed the party took place last October, just before the presidential campaign. 

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