Sunday, November 3

Do Not Panic! Nigeria May Witness Solar Eclipse Today, People Urged To Wear Sun Glasses

Nigeria is likely to witness partial or total Solar Eclipse today, Sunday 3rd of November, like I reported a few days ago, (READ HERE) if you missed the update.

Solar Eclipse is a situation whereby the Sun seems to disappear during the day and the sky darkens in a matter of minute and thereby causes darkness during the day time. This kind of situation occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, and the Moon fully or partially obscures (blocks) the Sun.

Therefore, there is no reason to entertain any form of fear in case some parts of the country experience the said solar eclipse today, whether partially or in total. Do not be afraid, there's no need to run helter-skelter just in case it happens as predicted by the National Space Research and Development Agency.

Though, A total eclipse can be very frightening to people who are unaware of its astronomical explanation **abi what do you expect when the day suddenly starts turning somehow dark, who wouldn't think its time to go and account for all those bad bad tinz u av done.. lol** But the Director General of the National Space Research and Development, Dr. Seidu Mohammed has urged Nigerians to go about their daily activities as everything is said to be normal including GSM operations.

People are are hereby advised to use their sun glasses because of partial rays that may be attached.

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