Monday, November 11

Maheeda Poses In Catholic Nun Garment

Hehehehehe.... Someone should please wake me up, am I dreaming or what? Anyway, wonders they say will never end. I hardly could believe my eyes seeing prostitute turned singer, Maheeda, who has flooded the internet with her nude pictures, posing in Catholic nun costume *And looking only at the set of pictures above, without knowing the kind of person she is, someone would think she's a catholic nun for real. Omo mehn!!! looks can truly be deceptive*

May be, it would have been better if she only stopped there, but she went as far as removing the Nun tunic (the gown) and poses for her normal seductive kind of pictures while still wearing the Catholic white coif and black veil with "mad" high heels. See those pictures below:

Meanwhile, many people have reacted to Maheeda's decision to pose for sexy lingerie pictures in a Church's outfit, see below:

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