Friday, December 27

"I Want To Stop Having Sex"... 19 Year Old 200 Level Student Needs Your Advice

I am 19, 200 Level and I have been dating a guy in my school for about a year. We are really in love and we hope to get married in five years time. We have been having sex at least twice a week since we started dating.

Although we use contraceptives I am really scared of getting pregnant especially because my Mom is a pastor. 

I want to stop having sex, at least for now but each time I tell my boyfriend, he says I don't love him. I don't want to loose him.  What should I do please?

Kindly drop your advice as comment. See the comment box below.


  1. Am no therapist but all I can say is that if he truly loves u he shud wait #Just sayin

  2. Scarce goods have more value than what is seen everywhere. Make him miss the pussy once in a while