Tuesday, December 3

SHOCKING: Bariga Branch APC Secretary Found Dead In His Office

The secretary of APC Bariga branch, Pastor Abiodun Adeboyejo has died mysteriously. His dead body which is believed to have been in his office since Saturday was found yesterday.

According to his neighbours where his office is located, Pastor Abiodun Adeboyejo, was seen that morning exchanging pleasantries with people around him. They also said he was hale and hearty.

No one knew the man had died in his office, because the door of the office was locked. His landlord’s son was the one that first raised alarm when a foul smell filled the air and thought a rat had died in his office. They placed a call to his phone, but it was unreachable. 

It was when one of his wives came to his office Monday morning to tell neighbours that her husband had been missing, before they suspected something must have been wrong. They involved the Police, and the door was forcefully opened where they met his swollen body on the floor.

Pastor Abiodun Adeboyejo has been described as a man who was committed to the progress of the association by party leaders. May his soul rest in peace. 

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