Thursday, December 19

Photo: Can Someone Please Tell Me The Name Of This Fruit?

I got this picture of an amazing fruit from a friend of mine (Sophia Plange by name), and she asked if I know the name of this fruit. Well, since I don't know it, am in fact, seeing it for the very first time, I have however resolved to ask my lovely and wonderful readers of Tayo Lawal's Blog. Knowing fully well someone must have seen it somewhere and would be able to tell us its name.

And if nobody is able to tell us its name, taking a very good look at this fruit, it sure looks like something that you and I know very well.. lol. Yes! You know what am talking about. Then, what name do you think should be given to this wonderful fruit?

Drop your answer as a comment below.

1 comment:

  1. *in thick igbotic tongue*Chineeeke! Wonders they say shall never cease. I haven't seen this before. It looks real though. But e resemble wetin I don see before oooo