Wednesday, December 4

Toke Makinwa & Boo, Maje Ayida Go Separate Ways Again! Toke Releases Vlog On ‘When A Woman Is Fed Up’

Toke Makinwa and her long time boo, Maje Ayida have gone their separate ways again. Toke has been giving a ‘happy I don’t care attitude’ on her instagram page by sobbing someone who we all know, and yet happy at it. 

Read the first two things she posted before reading further.

Toke also took to twitter this morning and said something about moving on. Surprisingly her today’s Vlog is all about ‘When A Woman Is fed Up’

To cap it all, their Dec.1st tweets said it all. Now let me tell you this for free, Maje does not achieve anything without Toke giving him a shout out on social media. But this time around, it was a different ball game. Toke tweeted she was on her way to the Corporate Elite night, while Maje tweeted almost at the same time that he was on his way to City People Awards ceremony. His company eventually won the Fitness Brand of the year award, and Toke out rightly ignored his tweet when he made the announcement. Now that has been the sign most of us missed till today. We wish both parties all the best in life.

Then Watch the Video where Toke talks on "when a Woman is fed up"

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