Tuesday, February 18

SHAMEFUL: Popular Nigerian Pastor Arrested In Bank Robbery

The General Overseer of Happy People Bible Church, located at Ayobo, a suburb of Lagos State, Nigeria, PastorIsaiah Willie, has once again played out the sad and pathetic scenario where men who are supposed to lead people to God,turn out to be agents of Satan.
Pastor Willie is currently cooling his heels in police cell after he was arrested for armed robbery and fraudulent crimes.

The disgraced pastor, who is 40 years, fell from his throne of grace when he was nabbed by men of the Lagos Police anti-robber squad while in active duty of robbing a bank with his gang members.
Police investigation also revealed that the ‘pastor’ was also into bank fraud or what is popularly called 419. Continue.....

While being paraded by the police, the father of two narrated his involvement in the crimes, stating he had been arrested several times by the police but still went back to the crime.

“I used to work with a group of guys who are retired bankers. One of them was even a bank manager. Most times, we would get a virgin cheque of a bank customer and the owner’s signature.

“If the money is a large sum, the teller would contact the owner of the account on the telephone but we would have already hacked the telephone number of the customer, such that when the bank calls the owner of the account for confirmation, it would be one of my members that would answer the call and give approval for withdrawal.

“We were able to perpetrate the fraud in Fortune Bank and African Express Bank which are both defunct now. Sometimes we, through the connivance of bank employees, used to clean out dead people’s accounts and use the money to do business. Most times, families of dead people don’t get to access their relative’s account until months or years after the person’s death.”

He continued:
“I met a man who is from my hometown, Confidence Saviour. He was wanted by the police, so I told him he could live with me. A few weeks later, he told me to drop some equipment at a nearby bush and later that night, he gave me N10, 000.

“He eventually told me that he and his gang were breaking into ATMs and making a lot of money, so I decided to join them.

“I never followed them for any operation but I usually left their operation tools - such as sledge hammer, generator and iron cutters - near the bank where they wanted to attack and I would leave.

“However, on one occasion, they went to rob at the Ayobo branch of Access Bank. Instead of dropping the equipment and collecting the usual N10, 000, I wanted more money this time around, so I hid in a bush nearby.

“Unfortunately, the robbery did not go as planned as three policemen were killed at the scene. I was later arrested by SARS men when other gang members mentioned my name.”

“I know I have disappointed my congregation and I urge them not to backslide. I have been a preacher for over 10 years and I have led many people to God.

“My flesh was weak. I know that God will forgive me for my crime because I am genuinely sorry.”

"Toor" Signs of end time..Olohun lo kuku mo eeyan 're  #Afi k'oluwa ma sowa. *Adjusts my glasses.. unto the next jare.

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