Monday, April 14

The Trap Of The Hunter - By Tayo Lawal (Must Read)

I actually found a news while surfing the internet, that the President, National Association of Telecommunications Subscribers, Mr Deolu Ogunbanjo while speaking as a guest on Channels TV Sunrise programme yesterday morning, revealed that the telecommunication company, Etisalat fired 2,000 of its workers sometimes last week.

The news of the fired Etisalat workers, touched my deepest within and awoke my writing spirit to express my concern about this issue. What came to my mind immediately I saw the news was that, 2000 able bodied men and women are being sent back to the unemployment market again after spending so many years in the education system and some years looking for that same job.

You wonder what is the Trap and Who is the Hunter? continue...
Are these not people who were a few years back students in their various institutions, suffering and working hard to finish someday and become better people in their respective future careers? Are these not the people who spent almost half of their life times, battling to get good grades in school, the same way we are doing today?

Some of whom finished with first class, some with 2.1, others with 2.2 even a pass, tell me one university class of degree that is easily achieved, most especially here in Nigeria where studying is like breaking a coconut with bare hand.

The recent recruitment of the Nigerian Immigration Service, served a survey of the number of unemployed youths in this country, some of which are also graduates of institutions. After spending so many years, lots of money, even worth of resources and values believing all will be rewarded after the long suffering. Only to be disappointed with a phenomenon called UNEMPLOYMENT.

Abi what is the difference between unemployment and being deployed just few years after being employed. Like those 2000 fired Etisalat workers, where would they start from now?

Go back to the streets with brown envelopes or Go back on the internet surfing for jobs? Oh no! that's so disappointing just to think of.

My message is simple and short. My dear fellow students, getting good grades in the University is not bad. But, don't be too lazy to pay attention to things that matter. Don't be so stupid to put all your eggs in one basket.

Apart from being an academician, acquiring some vocational skills and knowledge aint a bad idea as well. Engage in personal developmental programmes. Use your weekends to achieve something instead of wasting it on irrelevancies.  Read books on personal development. So that you will not end up falling in THE TRAP OF THE HUNTER.
Everybody is talented, discover your God given potentials and nourish it. Even if it doesn't work now, am sure its gonna work later and its gonna last longer cuz its your own. Nobody can neither kill nor take it from you.

I am a student of Urban and Regional Planning but it doesn't stop me from being a blogger to mention just one of the things I do to keep myself through school. And I'm always ready to learn any new skill that could make me more productive to my self and the society. (Inform me if you know about one).

I always want to also advise parents and guardians to encourage their children to engage in self developmental programmes, the same way they encourage on getting good academic grades.

My name remains Tayo Lawal, God bless you.

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