Tuesday, May 13

Solange Deletes All The Pics Of Beyoncé From Her Instagram Page (heeee!!)

Latest info has it that Beyonce's sister, Solange has deleted all of Beyoncé's pictures from her instagram page leaving only one picture (shown above) which she uploaded over a year ago that shows herself, Beyonce and a friend in a happy mood.  Whether she deliberately left the pic on the page or it was an oversight is unclear. 

What is also unclear is when exactly Solange removed all the pics. It was definitely after the attack on Jay Z on Monday night but it's not clear if it was before or after the video was released by TMZ yesterday. Some sites are reporting she took them down before we all knew what happened, while some say they observed she took them down immediately after the video was released. Solange has also not tweeted since the video was leaked.

And you think this is not more than having mental illness? Okai! The truth will soon be unfold. Let's wait and see.

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