Tuesday, May 13

Video: Watch How Beyonce's Sister, Solange Physically Attacked Jay Z Inside An Elevator

Above is the full lenght footage of how Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles physically attacked Jay Z for several minutes in an elevator while Beyonce was just standing in between them while Solange fought her husband repeatedly.

Although, it's been revealed that Solange has mental illness. So I don't expect much from her, since she's aware of her mental state.

In July 25, 2013, Sandra Rose wrote:

The truth is out. For years, Hollywood insiders have whispered about Solange Knowles’s closely guarded secret: bipolar disorder. Beyonce’s younger sister has reportedly controlled her mood disorder with medications. But even after multiple medication adjustments she is still having issues controlling her erratic moods. Earlier this week Solange abruptly cancelled the European dates of her concert tour to remain close to her doctors here in the states.

But, as far as I'm concerned, that was a very tempting moment. A time when you have to maintain a neutral stand between two loved ones. #Its not easy mehn.

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