Sunday, June 29

LESBIANISM: Actress Ruth Kadiri accuses female UNILAG lecturer of sexual harassment

Fast rising Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri while talking on the issue of lesbianism that exist in Nigerian universities has revealed that she was sexually harassed for several years by a female lecturer of UNILAG. 
The actress,who was a student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) opened up on her bitter experience on sexual harassment from one of her female lecturers as at the time of her studentship at the reputable institution. 

The issue of sex for marks that permeates the Nigerian educational system however gone wild as the predator turned out to be a female lecturer. A news that totally takes a totally different dimension from the Male lecturers trying to seduce the female students.  continue....

Talking about the ugly experience, the actress claimed that the lecturer tried all she could for several years to lure her to bed, with all sorts of promises which includes free marks in examinations.  

The 'Dirty Princess' and 'Plantain Girl' star, said that her life was severally tormented by the female lecturer to the extent that she had to forcefully make herself a friend to the lady’s daughter so that the mother would leave her alone.

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