Friday, June 27

Oh my Gosh! Eniola Badmus puts her 'privates' on display

The actress was pictured at the City People Entertainment Awards held last Sunday, putting her 'oranges' on free role. Okai! agreed that's the order of the day among our ladies.. no offence taken. She now went as far as putting the 'head office gan gan' u know where am talking about... almost on free live show.. see it after the cut

Personally, I don't think this is cool. I remember how my mumzy used to teach 'Biodun' my younger sister how a decent lady must seat at home and in the public to avoid a public free show like this. 
*Smh... Eniola you are a public figure, learn how to pack it up a lil bit, Okai? The kids are looking at you.

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