Tuesday, July 8

Etim Esin blasts Mikel says he doesn't deserve No. 10 jersey

Former Nigeria international Etim Esin, has blasted John Mikel Obi for his poor displays at the 2014 World Cup and says the Chelsea midfielder does not deserve the country’s number 10 jersey.

Esin, who himself wore the revered jersey number between 1988 and 1992, says Mikel Obi was not committed in Brazil.

“Mikel was a big flop in Brazil. He wears Nigeria’s No.10 jersey but he did not show he is worthy of wearing it at the big stage like the World Cup,” Esin told NigeriaNewsWatch.

“He rose to the occasion in South Africa but in Brazil he was not committed and ended up as a monumental disaster.

“Look at how other players who wore No.10 jerseys for their respective countries have been playing including Messi, Neymar, Sneijder and the young chap from Colombia, James Rodriquez.

“He failed to carry Eagles along as the pilot of the team. Have you seen a No.10 that did not make a goal attempt let alone of scoring. Jokes apart, Mikel has not shown he deserves to wear our No.10 jersey.”

Esin advised Mikel Obi, to go back and watch clips of Jay Jay Okocha and Henry Nwosu, who once wore the jersey number and improve his game.

“He should go and watch the video clips of Henry Nwosu and Jay Jay Okocha including my humble self and get some tutorials on how they played as Nigeria’s No.10. You must be special to wear the No.10 jersey and for me, has not done anything special.

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