Thursday, July 17

Evergreen on TLB: Awelewa by Gabriel Afolayan

One of the good things that get me back on track whenever things are not going really well or when I wish to take a break from a strenuous task is music. Even though my mood often dictates the kind of song I listen to, indigenous love songs have never failed my soul scrolling through my playlist.

Even before I own a weblog Gabriel Afolayan has been one of my favourites when it comes to serving the kind of music that suit my soul, 'AWELEWA' (Most Beautiful) by Gabriel Afolayan aka G-Fresh is good for an example. To redeem a dying love in your soul AWELEWA will do wonderfully well.

Evergreen on TLB today is AWELEWA by Gabriel Afolayan. If you have it on your phone already, just locate it and use the play button. And to those who do not, just click DOWNLOAD.

Listen with your lover, share and Enjoy!


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