Friday, July 11

Ghanaian movie producer arrested for sleeping with young girls

A Ghanaian movie producer who has been having canal knowledge of young girls deceiving to get them movie roles has been arrested.

His deceitful act was uncovered after sleeping with a 17- year old girl who he deceived to get a movie role in one of the biggest upcoming movies in the industry. After all said and done, the girl discovered that nothing good was in sight of the producer's promises.

The father of the girl however got to know about his daughter's experience with the producer and decided to get him arrested. Getting to the house of the said producer, he was caught pants down giving it real good to another young girl who he must have lured into bed through the same process.

Nna ehn! Mr. Producer is just giving bed roles to this girls in place of Movie roles... Na wa oo.
Wait! are we to blame the producer or the girls? Chai

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