Tuesday, July 1

Happy New Month Of July + My Message For You

I am so delighted to welcome you to the month of July, the first month in the second half of the year 2014. Am happy that you and I are still alive to witness this bright and beautiful day.

I was thinking of complaining over this or that thing that I need but yet to have in my life, my business, my career top the list of my unlimited want as a human, until I had a flash of some situations and circumstances. The thought of the people on hospital beds and are still praising God for being alive, the thought of those in the prison praying and hoping to be freed one day. I remembered some even have foods but can not eat, I stopped murmuring of not having enough shoes when I remembered some do not have legs.

The cold feeling of pity came over me when I remembered as sonorous as singer Keffi was, she could not even sing for her death to be averted.  continue.....

These are things we have heard, said, been told, discussed even times without number. Yet, our myopic human reasoning wouldn't allow us see beyond things we don't have and not the ones in our possessions that others are hoping and crying for.

My dear reader of Tayo Lawal's Blog, some have been knocked down but here you are standing strong, fit enough to run the race. If you think you aint doing well enough, have you thought of some who can't even do it at all? Shrug up your shoulder and say it is well and so it is.

From your dearest Tayo Lawal, I wish you a fulfilling month of July.. Happy New Month!

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