Tuesday, July 8

PDP warns Remi Tinubu: "prepare to vacate your seat"

The People's Democratic Party (PDP) Lagos state chapter has sent out a warning message to Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu who is currently occupying a senatorial seat under the flagship of APC, over poor representation and inexperience in the house of Senate.

The Lagos state chapter of PDP has however vowed to stop the return of the former 1st lady of Lagos state to the senate.

This is just as it has also cautioned the senator to stop disgracing the State by her unparliamentary, unpatriotic and inexperienced manner of carrying out ordinary legislative functions and privileges.
The PDP further vows that, unless the Senator is lucky to escape reprimand by the Senate, it shall mobilise voters in Lagos Central Senatorial District to invoke section 69 of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution. The said section talks about Powers and Processes to recall a Senator or Member of the House of Representatives. continue...

The Party’s stance is on the heels of reports of two interviews granted in two different National Newspapers, wherein Senator Oluremi Tinubu disparaged the Senate as nonentity and also described the hallowed Chamber as not befitting enough of her likes to return!

“First, we want to reassure Senator Remi Tinubu that indeed she has had her Fill in the Senate and can never return to the Senate in 2015, at least not as a Lagos Senator.
As a matter of fact, her completing this present term is hanging and imbalance. Unless she is lucky to scale through the senate and be cleared by the Senate committee to investigate her, we shall mobilise voters from her Senatorial District to commence the process of her Recall as allowed under section 69 of our Constitution.

Lagosians are now too embarrassed by the ignoble actions of this APC Senator who we expected would be a fast learner and graduate from being a rookie Senator to an experienced Senator.
Indeed, we do recognise her Right of freedom of expression, however, she ought to exercise same within the Rules of the Senate. Persistently making same mistakes shows that she is either Treacherous or inexperienced, consequently Unfit to remain in the Senate”

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