Thursday, January 15

Why I Chose What I Do - Tayo Lawal

Hello everyone, my name is Tayo Lawal. It has been my sincere pleasure from childhood to see myself contributing to the development and betterment of lives of people around me. This has led to several stages of personal development, hustle and tussle, falling and rising, trying and failing with a burning desire to get myself well and better equipped to fulfill my dream of POSITIVELY affecting million after millions of lives and people in my lifetime and leaving behind a legacy to be remembered for, even when am gone. (God be my help)

At some point in life I was able to discover that the greatest enemy of mankind is the LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. I got to know that, in most cases what separates SUCCESS and FAILURE is the ability to get the right information in a particular situation. Knowing what someone or others do not know and the difference is much more than you could ever think of. So I decided to be CURIOUS through out my life, so as to KNOW and TELL others and safe as many as I can from a great misery called IGNORANCE.

I don't mind having some digits in my account through my utmost commitment to what I, but not at the detriment of others. I'm committed to the true and genuine service of humanity.

This is the MAIN REASON why I'm so much in love with my job and I'm so passionate about it. Though, I am full of flaws and imperfections yet I am always better than who I was yesterday.

Thank you for being part of my life, I LOVE YOU.

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Edumare Bless You!


  1. Wow... Dis is amazing

  2. Nice real and thoughtful..god bless tayo lawal,God bless leke&God bless 2015.#buhari4P