Wednesday, February 18

5 Basic Elements of Defensive Driving - message from FRSC

This message is from the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and I will like every member of the TLB online community to read and benefit from it. Your well being is so important to me.

Defensive Driving is a way of driving your vehicle to help you avoid crashes, collisions, accidents regardless of actions of other road users. 
Below are the 5 Key Elements: 
1. Look Further Ahead: Most drivers have a habit of seeing just the front of the vehicle while driving. Driver must look further ahead, see the horizon or at least 15 seconds ahead. 
2. Scan, Plan & Act: Drivers are to scan all potential and actual hazards and plan early on how to avoid those hazards and act on what they have decided to do.
3. Create and Maintain Space: The best defense is to create space around our vehicle. If there is space around the car then its impossible to have a crash as nobody has crashed with space. "Use 2 seconds Following distance rule, Diagonal rule". Keep space while queuing anywhere in traffic jam. Keep as an emergency escape route. 
4. Be Seen and Predictable: Nobody wants to end up with the accidents. If you are seen and predictable, other drivers around will try to avoid you. Use dim headlights between the sunset and sunrise and use indicators correctly and in correct time. Communication while driving is very important. 
5. Be Aware: A driver must be always aware of the surrounding: Nothing should take a driver by surprise. Plan for an emergency at all times.
Above all, drivers should be fit and have positive attitude always.
And I will also advise you to always remember to commit your journey to the hands of God almighty. No matter how long or short the journey may be.

Good morning lovers of TLB. Have a bright and beautiful day ahead.

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