Wednesday, February 18

DHL truck kills LASU student, company denies ownership of vehicle

Stanley was a final year student of Lagos State University (LASU) before he met his untimely death when crushed by a truck belonging to DHL while standing by the road side close to the gate of the university. The driver was said to have attempted to run away from the scene of the incident before he was stopped by LASU students and secured the truck. 

Stanley's brother, John found out that his brother had a slim chance of survival when rushed to a nearby hospital but later gave up when the driver of the vehicle wouldn't return after 2 hours he was asked to get a vehicle to convey Stanley to a specialized hospital for proper medical attention. The driver reportedly went back to the hospital with policemen instead of the vehicle he was asked to get to safe the dying victim of the accident.. John however went to the scene, took pictures and cautioned the angry students who were ready to burn the truck. 

John narrated that the family was contacted by two DHL staff and offer them three hundred and fifty thousand naira (N 350,000) and later 500,000 which the family rejected and asked for 5 million naira compensation for the final year student who also left a kid behind.

He further explained that DHL later denied  ownership of the vehicle and has refused to do anything in form of compensation for the family of the deceased.

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