Sunday, March 22

Lady's butt implant bursts while doing doggy style with boyfriend (Photos)

I love sharing this kind of update to bring sanity to our ladies. (O ye ka mo nnkan ta n se oo) Oh well, according to the report, a woman from LA had her butt implants burst during rough sex with her baby's father.

According to the lady, she was receiving it steady from the back when she heard a sudden strange sound from her butt as a result of the boyfriend who had ruptured both of her silicone butt implants while having sex. The silicone from the implants leaked into her system and by the time she had a doctor check it out, yawa don gazz. See the deteriorated butt after the cut.

E je ka mon nnkan ta n se oooo. ehn ehn! 

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  1. Oh laawwd!!! Chai..:( :'(

  2. Hewwww,###niggas be dieing for fake things

    1. @Wole abi ooo... Things artificial beauty can cause #LadiesTakeNote

      We love u d way u are... and if u goan carry silicone go dance galala, remember d pix above. OYO lowa my dear.