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LEARN this and EARN for the rest of your life

By David Lanre Messan and Koko Ombu, Founders, www.yaggyenergie.com 
Africa boasts 1.03 billion people and an 800 million youth population with 12 million entering the job market annually. For Nigeria, 57.8 million youth between the ages of 18 and 35 constitute its 170 million strong numbers, with 31.2 million of them unemployed. Despite this, Africa’s economic pulse has quickened, infusing the continent with a new commercial vibrancy opines the Mckinsey Global Institute report, forecasting Africa to bag a collective estimated $2.6 trillion GDP and $1.4 trillion consumer spending capacity by 2020. This growth will see 1.1 billion Africans of working age by 2040, 128 million Africans with discretional income by 2020 and 50% living in cities by 2030. 
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Capitulating to African youth unemployment is one option while inducing sagacity to create channels that engender job creation to meet present and future demands is another, exhibiting the bewildering perplexities ushered in by a myriad of factors. Factors such as urbanisation, population growth, economic upheavals and technological expansion and the accompanying changes it introduces in form of sector convergence and business models transformations make the continuous adaptation of new skill sets absolutely fundamental for successful participation in the labour market and enterprise space.
Taking a definitive cue from the Global Citizenship Foundation essentialities for success today and in the future, structured process skill fluencies should be desired to be in demand in a globally digital world: Do young people have  –  Media fluency to become the next Spielberg; Creative fluency to unleash their inner Picasso; Solution fluency to develop problem solving super powers; Information fluency to learn Sherlock Holmes style data skills; and Collaboration fluency to bring together unstoppable teams – the skill demand for outstanding job placements and enterprise success, as it just keeps upping its game. 
In contemplating the above, the questions keep emerging: Can an engineer with skilled technical know-how still possess exceptional writing and creative thinking skills to fit into business strategy development or the prowess to generate a loyal following for his corporation through the dissemination of tailored content which professionally represents the brand on social media in a 21st century world? The new future of jobs is asking the question the work place of today is shying away from – “Why not?” 
With 20% of graduates receiving top notch jobs, 43% in under paid jobs and over 30% unemployed annually and layoffs predictable to even enviable conglomerates, craft and talent skilled careers and the masterminding of enterprise ideas are once again regaining their allure with both the employed and unemployed. It is much more evident now than ever that no matter the degree an individual attains, they need to ensure they gain well-rounded advantages with an adaptive mentality to a wide variety of skill sets as the work place and enterprise space of the future demands evolving individuals open to learning and the adaptation of emerging skill sets throughout their work lives.
We are besieged by a no-box world that battles with our confinement to undergraduate majors. The impact of this tardiness is grasped when we visualise the non-existence of mobile applications in the last decade, now infiltrating every aspect of our work and individual lives with jobs tailored to mobile services development gaining momentum as consumer demands on mobiles exploded. The labour market will continually deliver opportunities for those with the right skills while staying tough for individuals who do not improve on their skills set as skills play key roles in determining employability and earnings potential. Adopting a wide range of specialist knowledge in a hybrid characteristic skill-in-skill format to catch up with accelerating development, interconnectivity and collaboration that define the workspaces of the future as innovations merge sectors.
According to Manpower research Group’s 2012 global Talent Shortage Survey, employers around the world ranked vacancies in the skilled trades as the hardest to fill seeing an increasing labour supply-demand disconnect in hard-skills areas such as electricians, plumbers, engineering, technology and robotics.
The balancing of any economy to deliver sustainable prosperity for all is largely dependent on enacting demand-led skills engine that can respond rapidly to the future of sustainable livelihoods through enterprise or work. 
As millennials seek freedom and options that will enable them earn outside conventional means, YaggyEnergie is that eureka to the multifaceted challenges faced by today’s youth. 
Imagine a social employment platform that pays you money. You do not even have to imagine, it is live! A social employment platform where youth learn, work, earn, meet investors, career and business mentors not to even talk about an army of skill merchants who deliver creative, technical and soft skills – innovative approaches to skills enhancement, with a goal to driving enterprise and jobs growth among youth through the utilisation of social culture to engage youth to employability. 
Unemployment seems like an unsolvable menace but for us at Yaggy Energie, we have created a prototype for its solution and this may seem like a huge task for us but we know that we will create 25 million jobs without having to go through the stress of whether a young person is employable or not – we focus on only one thing – ensuring every young person is SKILL-ABLE. 
There are demands out there; every home, every office, every street, every city need people who have skills to get some things done, that is job; if the common approach to the problem of employment ain’t working, then, the new approach should be made social where through our interconnectedness and collaborative synergy, getting a job shouldn’t be an issue because an average youth would have been armed with a SKILL. Wherefore, the Yaggy Energie platform is that single centrepiece that makes a masterpiece out of every young person; making them job-ready or business-ready.
So the question we will ask a young person today is not, “Do you want a job?” but “Are you ready to be Yaggified?” – i.e., “Do you want to learn a skill? “Do you want to earn?” Why? - Because the jobs are there but recognises only skill to get done. Can someone say Yaggy Energie and please, can someone just say, I am yaggified? Yes, indeed, skill is the new future of jobs. Come learn one on the platform... and don’t forget to earn, all the way and all day, because that is what Yaggy Energie is all about.
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