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Unilag Students' Union Election 2015: Full Analysis


In line with the University Management’s lifting of the ban on full student’s union activities in the University and the subsequent inauguration of an Electoral Committee, below are the guidelines to conduct election into the UNILAG Students Union (ULSU) Electoral College and Executive Positions:

The Executive Positions to be contested for are: 
  • The President
  • Vice President 1
  • Vice President II (See Note Below)
  • General Secretary
  • Assistant General Secretary
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Welfare Secretary I
  • Welfare Secretary II
  • Financial Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Social Secretary
  • Sports Secretary
  • Internal Auditor 

  1. The Vice President II shall be elected from Distance Learning Institute (DLI) and other Part-Time Programme in the University; and election into this position will hold at a later date.
  2. Only the members of the Electoral College shall vote at the Election of ULSU Executives.
  3. Selected/Elected Members of the Electoral College must be duly registered for the First Semester 2014/2015 Academic Session; and shall be selected/elected following the Provision in Article 6, Section 1 of the ULSU Constitution (available here: http://www.unilag.edu.ng/newsdetails.php?NewsID=2051).
  4. The List of the Members of Electoral College shall be displayed on the University Website and notice boards of Faculties.
  5. Candidates contesting for Executive Positions:
  • Must have completed one academic session in the University of Lagos.
  • Must be in good academic standing with a CGPA which must not be below 3.00
  • Must not have a carryover at the end of First semester 2013/2014 Session and in the case of College of Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry, the candidate must have no reference pending and not repeating the present class.
  • Should possess good leadership qualities, with established track record of good conducts.
  • Must not have been found guilty of any misconduct, or else shall be disqualified.
  • Should not hold two elective positions in the same academic year in the University
  • Any student currently holding an elected position in Faculties, Departments and Halls of Residence shall resign his/her position to be eligible to contest for any ULSU executive position and shall forfeit the position earlier held.
    6.  Every Candidate shall collect a Nomination Form from the Students Affairs Division at a non-          refundable fee of N5, 000 for President Position and N3, 000 for all other positions, payable            to: WEMA Bank plc, Students Affairs Account Number 0121179474.
    7.  The duly completed Nomination Forms shall be submitted to the Electoral Committee along              with a photocopy of the print-out of the candidate’s First Semester 2013/2014 Session Result             and duly signed Registration Form for 2014/2015 Session.
    8.  At the submission deadline, the Nomination Forms received shall be screened by the Electoral          Committee in conjunction with the Students Affairs Office.
   9.  The List of Contestants into Executive Positions shall be displayed on the University website             and notice boards of Faculties.
  10.  Any complaint on the Voters or Contestants Lists should be directed to The Chairman,                     Electoral Committee through the Secretary of the Electoral Committee for necessary action.
   11.  Each voter shall be entitled to a vote for each office to be filled. No voting by proxy.
   12.  Counting of votes shall start immediately after the close of voting at the polling center.
   13.  The winner of the election shall be determined by simple majority of the votes cast, and where there is a tie, a rerun shall be conducted duly.
   14.  The result of the election shall be duly endorsed by the Chairman of the Electoral Committee, Agents of the Candidates, Chairman of Electoral Committee, CSO and DSA or their Representatives.
   15.  Any complaint(s) against the conduct of any election, such a complaint should be communicated in writing to the Electoral Committee within 72 hours after the results of election had been announced as provided for in Article 6, Section 4 Ss4 of the ULSU Constitution (available HERE: http://www.unilag.edu.ng/newsdetails.php?NewsID=2051).
   16.  No candidate shall be deemed to have been validly elected until any petition(s) pending for such an office had been disposed of.

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