Thursday, April 2

I will crush Boko Haram in two months - Buhari

Nigeria's President-Elect Gen. Muhammadu Buhari in an interview yesterday evening with Chris­tiane Amanpour on CNN, has reassured Nigerians that he will crush the Boko Haram terrorist group. The incoming President further assured that it will only take two months to achieve this. He said though the present administration had tried to fight it but the efforts put in it was not enough. Read below:
We know how they started and where they are now and we will rapidly give attention to security in the country. And I believe we will effectively deal with them in two months when we get into office.
We will need the cooperation of neighbour­ing countries such as Cam­eroon, Chad and Niger. There were efforts made by the President Goodluck Jonathan administration, but it was not good enough and it came rather late.
But where did the Jona­than administration go wrong? Buhari replied;
We expected the Federal Government four years ago to sit down with these coun­tries and make sure they do not allow the terrorists free movement across borders, training facilities and movement of weapons. continue...
These were only done a few months ago and we have seen how Cameroon, Chad and Niger are fighting Boko Haram more than Ni­geria is doing until recently. Really we have seen enough and we have enough law enforcement to face Boko Haram squarely.
Buhari is confident that under his government, the Nigeria Army will perform differently. He also said the performance of the military was affected by corruption in the system.
They will…if you re­call, the Nigerian soldiers out of all ethical expectations were granting inter­views to foreign journalists, saying they were being sent to fight terrorists without proper weapons"
"And then the National Assembly attempted to conduct a hearing to find out how much money was approved for training and weapon in the last three years but that hearing was scuttled by the administration.

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