Friday, April 17

My Life Journey so Far - Louis Dike shares touching story (Must Read)

After celebrating his birthday yesterday, my special friend Louis Dike today Friday 17th of April took to his blog ( to share a very touching and inspiring story, recounting some good,bad and the ugly part of his days so far on earth. Its quite an interesting and inspiring piece... Read below
I must confess that, the 16th of April 2015 (yesterday), is the most remarkable so far in my life, after the exact day I was born (I obviously wont write the year). I have been looking forward to it, funny enough. My birthday last year was completely out of it,  so many awkward issues. But above all I am, grateful to God for his graces conferred on me and all the benefits accrued to my existence.  
As a little boy it always pleased me to make people happy and laugh. I had the heart of an entertainer, but I didn't know it, my mind was so crowded with the usuals -go to school, take a professional course like medicine, engineering, architecture..etc. thanks to 9ja parents and our traditional orientation in Africa. 
I am so glad that people in this part of the world are beginning to see the other side of the ball. if you haven't seen it, biko go and try seeking regular employment or taking your "big idea" proposal to a prominent company or multinational in search of sponsorship, if care is not taken, you may commit suicide. continue reading and see more pics from his birthday below....
Growing up, in 2008 I came into the light of modelling, so timid and shy, but overtime I got to be able to express my self, all thanks to one person I met in 2012, his name is Babatunde kazzim Tyler, currently the CEO Of Pitchersville Lagos. This is the one man that changed my orientation about life, and till today I am currently living almost completely based on the principles he taught me.  
One thing I can tell you from what I learnt is that, the best way to live life is to express yourself as you are, be outspoken, in a conversation with someone especially prominent, make sure your voice is more audible than the other party, it gives you control over the conversation. See my life I said I was going to say one thing and I have ended up saying three! *covers face*, maybe its because I am a cheerful giver!. 
Later that same year 2012, I opened this blog you are reading this article from with the intention of just being visible on the internet,till I visited Linda Ikeji and got an otherwise motivation. After one year of suffering and blogging with no revenue, hustle finally started paying as i was getting advert calls till date. 
In 2013, I sat down with my best friend and life saver -Patrick Igwe and told him I'd like to promote my blog with an unusual platform. The regular way is to use social media, run facebook ads, twitter ads,  google ads, etc. I came up with the idea of doing a comedy show and the first name we came up with was Laugh Out Loud (LOL), then I remembered what my second father advised me with -Mr Jude Onwusonye Chairman Goldmore Pharmaceuticals, Pharmabase and Applesoft Technologies. He says whatever you set out to do in life, you should know where you want to be in the latter years and use the vision to kick off your mission. 
And so my vision still is to make it a national brand and globally accepted, thats how i decided to inculcate Nigeria in the name and I called it LAFF OUT 9JA. You see? self have noticed the big idea is already working!. After the 1st successful one on the 22nd of December 2013, followed a bigger success on on the 23rd of November, 2014 and then the Valentine edition on the 15th of February 2015. Oluwa wa! 
I also have interest in acting up till production of movies which I will do, trust me. I acted my first movie last year after being turned down in several auditions including tinsel and shuga. And I did a major job for a company I had always longed to do an advert for -Etisalat early 2015. The thing is this i have come to realize that everything I once envisioned are all happening before my eyes and this brings me to boldy support the notion that "whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve". 
My dear it starts from conception , but doesnt end there. You have to do things that are your goal related and surround your self with and be at your goal related places!. I am still doing that you know, still on the the success ladder, Join ME!! 
Finally I acknowledge my family starting from my dad - His Royal Highness Eze Engr Clement Okey Dike (Ochiogu 1 of Obulo Ochiogu autonomous community), my mum Ugoeze Kate Dike, Big Sis Linda Elobuike (nee Dike), Rita Laura Dike, Wilson Dike (Biggest investor in Laff Out 9ja), Stanley Dike (another life coach), Valentine Dike, Michael Dike and Louis Di...sorry thats me..*grins*, you all have really played a tremendous role in my life, I am grateful!. I cant forget my lawyer and career adviser Barrister Charles Ajiboye, he has helped me a lot too, my crazy friend and blogger Tayo Lawal, curator of, Mike Ejiofor, Sandra Williams, see if I continue typing names you will just close your browser. but you guys that mean something to me know yourselves..I really appreciate!!!. 

Yessooooo!! Yesterday was a New year in my Life, Happy belated birthday to me. I love you All!!
signed Louis Dike

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  1. just seeing this. Thanks a lot my bro from another mo!. Oluwa.. Olu...Oluwa!!