Tuesday, April 14

Orekoya boys: Kidnappers insist on N13 Million ransom

Parents of the three Orekoya children, who were kidnapped last week by their newly employed maid, have said it seems nothing is happening and there has been no help from every corner. According to their father, they have been trying to raise the requested N13m, but he is yet to get all the money. He said the kidnappers at first demanded for N15m and after so much pleading, they reduced it to N13m.

Their mom who also spoke about her ordeal said she was at work when they called her that the maid went out with the three children, strapping the 11-months old to her back while holding the 6-year old and 4-year old to her left and right hand sides. And that was the last time she heard from them.

At the moment, the kidnappers have said they are not coming down on the N13m ransom, and if the money isn’t paid on time, they will be ‘deleted’. That was the exact word they used, their father said.

Their mother is currently devastated and begging Nigerians to come to her aid.

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