Monday, April 27

Primary school pupil contests for school post with campaign banner..Is this proper?

Honestly, I found this really funny and at the same time a little bit confused. Asking myself if this is really proper for our primary school pupils to be selected for school post through electioneering process. I thought pupils are selected in the primaries even at the secondary level base on academic and moral conduct. Because, from experience, I was the head boy during my time in primary school, the same as my elder brother Yemi Lawal. Even my Dad who was also a senior prefect in his school long before I was born and this kind of process is totally new to me.

Is this the new trend in our elementary schools? (forgive me if am ignorant) But if this is true. Do you think this is not way too far for those young children? Abi you think there's no big deal about it?

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