Monday, May 4

Love Clinic: The story of Nicholas and Ruth

Going through the lyrics of the song "Everything I do (I do it for you)" By "Bryan Adams"... ' don't tell me it not worth dying for, cause I can't help it, there is nothing I want more. That should be one line most of us should cling on to as we journey on in the search and conquest of true love. As it reminds me of a story.

This story starts as all stories do "Once upon a time":

There was a young boy named Nicholas, Who had an Inamorata called Ruth. This two were so much in Love with each other that even strangers could feel the Love and attraction between them. They were in the University by then, and they had vowed to marry each other.

Their Love was so inveterate. Almost everyone in the School knew of a legendary love that knows no bounds. All and sundry prayed for a Love like theirs. Anytime they were asked the secret of their Love, they will say Love Ke!! The real Love is just incipient. That was just a tip, wait till we get married. continue...

The notion of marriage they kept for years even till after graduation. But one fateful day, Ruth's parents told her she couldn't marry Nicholas because he wasn't from a very rich home. She tried as much as possible to fight her parents off but all to no avail. They wanted her to marry the son of the Governor of the state. He is a gew-gaw she said. When Nicholas came around to her house, he was arrested by Ruth's Father and made to sign an undertaken that he would never come around her.

But even though in torture, pain and detention he couldn't stand losing the one thing he loves most in life "Ruth". He was later released after he was adamant to signing the undertaken.
To cut the long story short. Ruth and Nicholas decided to run away and get married somewhere else. The day came and they ran away, but Ruth's Father got wind of it and sent his thugs to go after them, with an order to kill Nicholas on sight.

They caught up with Them and Nicholas was shot dead and Ruth was brought back home. They tried to convince her not to expose her father because of his political ambition. Ruth's agreement to the plan made her look like a bad person.

But on the day the Governors' son came for wedding introduction, Ruth was asked to be called out. When she came downstairs she brought out a knife and said to her father " you took away what I love most in life and today I will repay you the same, since you take other people's feeling more than that of your only child, and so today you shall know what it is like to lose the only thing you love and have in life" and immediately she stabs herself to death.

And just before Ruth took her last breath, she said this quote by Donna massini 'I am taking this in, slowly, Taking it into my body. This grief. How slow my body is to realize You are never coming back' Nicholas.

And also this quote by Martin Luther King jnr "you won't know that which you're willing to live for, until you know that which you're ready to die for"

So the big question today is "Who is that one person you love truly and would always ready to die for?

Always Live To Love And Love To Live.

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