Friday, May 1

Love Clinic: Unconditional Love over bounds and boundaries

Looking back at the History of South Africa, I remember the quote of the Dalai Lama "We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection."

South Africa went through a tough years of Apartheid and slavery, but one thing that saved them was the Love and Sacrifice of one great man ' Nelson Mandela'. I wonder what this man would say if he were to be alive at this Xenophobic times. If South Africa is the one doing this to other citizens, then their Apathy fight then was mere fallacy for they fought against then what they are doing now.

 I wonder what would be going through the citizens who have married foreigners, Will they also call for their spouses to be killed? Obviously no they won't. This has to do with the Love they have for each other which I suppose is Unconditional and uncompromising. Why can't we all extend this kind of love to one another. continue...

Researches have shown that most marriages now crash within the next three years of the marriage, A change significant than ever before. Both Men and Women have their faults, but it seems the women have the greatest part of the fault. Most women's Love today is conditional Love, They can't date or marry someone that haven't possessed certain materials and Qualities e.g Cars, house, Racial, handsomeness and the likes. Then I ask myself why should Love have a criteria or a catchment area?

Unconditional Love isn’t about what the other person does or is it should be about what the other person feels. We can't talk about unconditional Love without talking about the prodigal son in the Bible, Even after his stupid behaviour, His father was still ready and willing to accept him back. A story that shows if u Love someone you will always be eager and long for such a person even in his absence. If only we can begin to reciprocate such a Love to one another then the starting from our homes and the rest of the world will then begin to become a better place.

Little wonder Mother Theresa said "What can you do to promote the peace of this world? Go home and love your family. Lets start Loving on a small scale and I know it will spread to the rest of the World, A sentence I want people, Lovers and South Africans to learn from.

Happy New Month readers of Love Clinic on TLB. Always Keep Love Alive!

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