Sunday, May 3

Unilag students set for massive protest | Full story

Press statement from University of Lagos Student Union (ULSU) President, Comrade Martins Abiodun Abdul Raffi. Read below...

Greatest Akokites! In light of the erratic power supply that has plagued the campus in the past few weeks, the Students' Union Government has directed that a cargo size transformer be borrowed this morning (now undergoing installation) to arrest the current situation of light. 
Request bothering on our students' welfare such as (1) Constant power supply (2) constant water supply (3) adequate internet service in halls of residence (4) extension of examination date and lot more are already tabled to the management and if the they refuse to arrest the situation in the next 24hours. continue....
The Union leader will mobilize and lead our ever unitimidated, courageous students in a massive protest that will shake the whole University environment. We hereby call  on our ever undaunted students to be ready when called upon.Your welfare is our priority.No me, No you.No you, No me.Long live University of Lagos students' Union. 
Signed: Martins Abiodun, ULSU President.

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