Thursday, July 23

A Crap Called Policy: My opinion on JAMB's new policy - Tayo Lawal writes

Corruption is not only when you make away with funds or you  loot the treasure of a country. The act of betraying the trust of people is also one of the greatest forms of corruption I know. It is pathetic when someone whose decision can affect the lives of many has no fairness in his dealings.

To me, this Jamb policy abi whatsoever it is called is nothing but crap. It is not fair to the students who have worked so hard to score up to the known 200 and even above. It is not fair to the parents who have spent their money and time encouraging these kids. It is not fair to humanity I must say.

This is more of imposing a policy on people. It is not flexible on any side. I see it more as betraying the trust of those young guyz, many of who will still have to stay another one year at home after scoring 200 and above in JAMB as a result of this bullshit you called policy.

Why didn't JAMB or whoever initiated this crappy policy announce long before this year's JAMB examinations so the candidates could have had their minds prepared or better relax their policy till next year if to be introduced at all. All this must stop in this country if we should move forward. continue below.......

Have we now come to an era where the young ones who are expected to be the leaders of tomorrow have no right on making choices on issues that affect their future? Unless they are bamboozled, even in the aspect of education which is known to be the greatest tool of transformation and national development.

Its shameful and very pathetic when the so called leaders in this country will say something today and tomorrow they are on the path doing the opposite.

It is you people that would ask a young graduate obviously coming out fresh from the University for 7 years working experience before they could be employed.

All this must STOP. Let us be considerate  in decision making for the best interest of this great nation and its people.

The newly adopted JAMB policy is a crap I say once again and it must be reversed. Allow the students to choose the institution they want, if they fail once, they will gladly reapply and make it someday. Forcing an institution on anyone is nothing but abuse of human right.

My name is Tayo Lawal and my opinion I will always standby come rain or sunshine.

Thank You!

What is your own take on this issue? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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