Monday, July 27

Obasanjo trashes Wole Soyinka, calls him a guinea fowl hunter

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo while speaking about his controversial book "My Watch" in an interview with Channels TV Book Club yesterday, described Prof. Wole Soyinka is a bad politician. He said Soyinka has better chances in wine tasting and guinea fowl hunting than politics. His statement below....

“Wole Soyinka is a gifted man. I have always acknowledged that but he is a bad politician and I have also always said that. That is my own point of view. He may agree with it, he may not agree with it. But having said that, I also, in my book, bring out Wole Soyinka as I see him and that’s my own judgment; that’s my own perspective of him. He may agree, he may not agree but anybody can bring out his own perspective of me. For instance, I know that if I want somebody to give me the best wine, one of the people I will go to is Wole Soyinka and I know he has a taste for good wine and I said that in the book.” he said. Continue to see what OBJ wrote about Soyinka that ticked him off
“For Wole, no one can be good, nor can anything be spot-on politically except that which emanates from him or is ordained by him. His friends and loved ones will always be right and correct, no matter what they do or fail to do. He is surely a better wine connoisseur and a more successful aparo (guinea fowl) hunter than a political critic."  
They are both in their 80s and always come for each other at every possible opportunity, but this time around OBJ is the one on the score

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