Tuesday, July 7

The plight of Babajide Guerrero: Who mess? (Hilarious)

Lool.. as much as I tried to stay focused, maintain my seriousness and finish some of the abandoned works in my portfolio, the Gilt-Edge Superstar MC and OAP Babajide Guerrero just succeeded getting me off the balance with this rib racking narration of his experience with a fine lady.... see as he shared it below:
In a waiting room with a fine lady, NOW a foul smell fills the room, I KNOW that me o BABJIDE GUERRERO diNnor mess, now she's looking away and sweating. 
Now the receptionist enters and starts looking at ME..... can't the girl mess? God knows I didn't mess. Na to smell our bumbum sure pass now. This is Injustice.
Sorry ehn Jide! The Lawd will fight for you... *holds laff* boya you no know say fine girl no dey mess for naija.

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