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Top 5 fast food in unilag hostels - by Olabode Saygee

Written by Unilag's finest MC and Compere Olabode Saygee, its indeed an interesting read.


1. GARRI- This is undoubtedly the number one fast food in Unilag (or better still in Nigeria as a whole). Garri (for those that don’t know its cassava flakes) is usually mixed with ordinary water or cold water and taken like corn flakes. For those in the middle class, they buy sugar and cold water but those in the upper class can go as far as buying groundnut, milk and even Milo. Some Unilag girls/boys that like forming say Garri is for the poor, some say when they take it they have eye problem, some even say they have never tasted Garri before, all I have to say is that; Garri (garriumsulphate) have been saving Unilag students(and Nigerians) since 1828 BC.

2. BREAD and anything- This is very common amongst both boys and girls of new hall (that’s why the Unilag bakery is situated close to them) as they can eat bread with anything. Ranging from bread and beans to bread and egg to bread and butter to bread and jam to bread and mayonnaise to bread and peanut butter or bread and indomie or even bread and water. To do bread and anything all you need is have as low as N150. N70 or N80 bread with N50 beans, N50 egg, N50 butter and for those that don’t have jam or peanut butter can easily famz a friend or roommate that do.(AND PLS when you eat bread make sure you take a lot of water to help your digestion) continue....

3. NOODLES- This is like the only thing some students can cook without supervision (though some of them will still put too much water). The big boys and girls do Indomie, the middle class do golden penny while the lower class do mimee noodles. Water on fire, noodles in water, seasoning and chilli in noodles, leave to steam for 5mins (but 2mins if it’s the hell fire hot plate) and food is ready. This is like the only food you can cook when the school’s power authority starts their wonron wonron (their rubbish)

4. SPAGETTI- There are two types of spaghetti, the concoction and the stew spag. The concoction is the fastest as you have to just put in all the ingredients (tomato paste, grinded pepper, magi, salt, onion, groundnut oil etc) and the spag, cover and let it steam for 15mins(7 mins if it’s the hell fire hot plate). This method is faster than the stew method, as you have to first boil the spaghetti before you make the always tasteless pepperterra stew. But students don’t usually do this as its slower (hunger don kill you finish before e done) and it consumes more ingredients and also you need two separate pots for the stew and the spaghetti (as most students only have one pot and some don’t even have pot but borrow only when they want to cook).

5. CONCOTION RICE- No Unilag student or an alumnus that is staying or has stayed in the hostel will or can categorically tell me that he/she has never tasted or ate concoction rice before. And for those that have not, concoction rice is simply JollofRice gone bad or the china of JollofRice. It usually has the same ingredients as JollofRice, looks like JollofRice some even have the JollofRice aroma but it’s definitely not JollofRice. Rice, tomato paste, ata gungun (grinded pepper), maggi, onion, groundnut oil, curry. Tyme etc all in the same pot and you have you concoction rice.

SHOUTOUT to my Unilag girls though, most of you think you cook JollofRice for that your boyfriend but am so sorry to burst your bubble; Its all concoction rice or better still Chine Jollof Rice (loolz)

NOTE: If you need cooking tips from me or you need someone to teach you how to cook? Don’t be ashamed hit me up on 08142375380 or 2AD4918C (bbm) and I will be ever willing to tutor you. *cheers*

Lool...This dude is something else aswear. What a multi-talented young man he is. 

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