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Another Unilag student claims she was also molested by the accused lecturer

The dust raised by the rape case involving Dr Akin Baruwa, the University of Lagos lecturer and an 18-year-old female admission seeker, (story here) is surely not ready to be settled anytime soon as more revelations on his randy nature have started emanating.

Baruwa who is currently in prison custody after he was accused of raping the girl who is his friend’s daughter while ‘helping’ her to seek admission into the institution, has been labelled a serial rapist who either had ‘laid’ some other girls or had tried to sexually molest them in his office. continue....

Though the lecturer claimed the s*x he had with the lady was with her consent, another female student of the institution claimed in a letter she wrote to the school authority, Dr Baruwa who was her project supervisor, had tried to rape her and even molested her to the extent of tearing her dress and threatening she would never graduate from the school if she refused his sexual overtures.

But if the evidence of the girl is to be believed, one wonders why the school authorities denied ever knowing the man nor had he ever been a lecturer in the institution.

Read the student’s story below as narrated in her letter;

This happened early 2014.I had finished my project with my supervisor a pleasant middle aged woman but because she retired before I could get time off work to have her sign off my score sheet I had been re-assigned to Mr Akinfolarin Baruwa as my new project supervisor.  
I remembered immediately I got off my first call from him my roommate let’s call her K told me “omg! Is that guy your supervisor?hian” it took me a while to get around the meaning of her words.
My first impression about him was he was a no nonsense kinda lecturer. I walked into the office he was at the bus admin complex top floor he seemed to be sharing an office with another lecturer.

It was about 5pm I had a paper that day. He didn’t attend to me till the other man was done, he sent me on silly errands like “make this photocopy”, “go and buy me tom tom” all this continued till about 8pm after waiting for like forever he attended to me, glanced at my work and said it was rubbish and couldn’t believe my former supervisor who happened to be a professor could approve such nonsense I appealed to him that it was exam period I couldn’t possibly work on my project from the scratch and still meet the deadline for submission so I begged him to let me make corrections instead. 

He said someone has done the same topic 2/3 years back and he would easily report me to the authorities that I copied which would guarantee I’ve an extra year. He went on and on ,he had me believe the work was so bad assuring me that I couldn’t escape an extra year he even said he would report me for plagiarism because I forgot to site a particular reference. At some point he said I shouldn’t bother with correcting the work that he’s submitting my name to Admin with the batch of students to be carried over next year, I was stoned.

After  begging him over and over to make me correct [mostly typographical errors] he finally agreed, my mind was finally at rest and I thanked him, as I made to leave he looked at me and was like ‘is that how to say thank you?’ I then went on both knees thanking him profusely “thank you sir”, “God bless you sir”…. While I was at it he was closing the blinds of the office and he turned off the A/C [the office was very cold] like he was going to wrap up for the day, he was clearing the sofa that had other peoples projects next thing I know he locks the door… 

I was stilling trying to wrap my head around him locking the door when he dragged me; Stella I was a size 12 5”4 then, I am big, this guy is strong ,he just grabbed my boobs and my arms to his m*****d rubbing it, next thing He was forcefully trying to remove my clothes, when I tried to force myself off his grip he got more aggressive when I tried to scream he got even more aggressive. 
That place is isolated and quiet at night [the office is opposite UNILAG guesthouse by the sea side] I figured screaming was a waste of time and being forceful wasn’t getting anywhere so I lay still begging, then I began to cry “I’m asthmatic I can’t breathe” so I pretended to have an attack then he stopped he started apologising he said it was a mistake and he’s usually not like that and he’s sorry then he started again apologising that he’s hard, okay he doesn’t want s*x again that I should just give him a hand job, I said I needed air that he should please open the door [acting like I was about to faint], he then finally opened the door apologising, I rushed out and I was still acting like I was short of breath and fainting with plenty tears in my eyes. 

He later called me apologising that he doesn’t know what got over him, it was a mistake etc. I told my best friend, i was in complete shock ,all my years in UNILAG I had never experienced such, i was so stunned that day i lost my bag. 
He said we should set him up And I am like “no all I want is to just graduate in peace” because when the matter gets to the authorities now it is another thing he would say…. he can even say we are cultists.  
I started using different strategies when visiting his office like going with friends, he always says he is not around [because from up he could see people down] he would later call me to say “you think you are smart abi, you are playing with your graduation”. 
On another occasion I had to have him sign my score sheet  and i thought to my that this was broad daylight and what could possibly happen?  
I was wrong! 

A lecture was going on the floor before and the noise from the mega phone clouded the office and this man started again. I was furious and  I started to insult him when he was trying to pin me down and as we were dragging my shirt tore and as I was shouting he pushed me. 
I stormed out and he was shouting “get out of my office”, ”you can’t graduate i promise you”.
This time I had had it and I was going to the authorities, when I got downstairs I met a friend who happened to be a staff and he saw how mad I was and I narrated all that had happened. 

we went to faculty of bus admin and reported to some lecturers they then followed me to his office and met with him.
If you see the way this man painted me black, he denied what happened he almost denied knowing me sef in fact he was mumbling my name like we had just met 5min ago. “He said you know how these students can get” the way he turned the story around I know deep down they knew he was lying but they had to be diplomatic they asked me to do my corrections and forget the matter.

Baruwa then started stalking me.
I remember after an exam while hanging with a friend of mine he called my number saying something like “is that your boyfriend? Is it because of him you are doing shakara for me” I was disgusted, I couldn’t see him but obviously he could see me. This happened on 2 separate occasions.
Stella this man frustrated me because it was a finished project before I was assigned to him, he made me redo and retype, photocopy, bind about 3 times over and every given time he says “you just like punishing yourself”  with a snare.
I felt bullied.
it was one thing for a lecturer to ask a student out, it was a different thing entirely to manipulate me into sleeping with you and physically and emotionally harassing me in the process.
When he saw I was adamant he held on to my score sheet without which I couldn’t submit my project or do my defence. He was eager to break me but when I had had enough I reported to the authorities and at that point I was introduced to another girl by my class governor who had complained about this same Baruwa man.
I’ve attached a copy of the handwritten letter I submitted to the authorities and I had to keep it short and brief.

The other girls he sexually harassed [my roommate and the other girl] didn’t show up on the day of the report and my class governor didn’t want to have anything to do with the case too so i flew solo.
I guess everybody was afraid of the consequences of reporting a lecturer. 

The school promised to look into the matter but I think because of lack of concrete evidence or other witnesses the best they could do was stop him from supervising student’s projects.
I’m not saying he raped or didn’t rape the girl but the way he’s going on about it being consensual and sounding all believable made me remember when I had those lecturers go meet him and he turned the tables around and got them all confused.
What I do know for sure is though an 18 year old is an adult one cannot expect her to show any more than the decent level of tact she did to avoid an abuser as experienced as Baruwa. She shouldn’t be expected to know how to use Witt or tact to manoeuvre her way around an experienced molester who obviously emotionally and psychologically abuses his victims and pounces on them through a little perceived window of opportunity.
The other girls Baruwa abused that were too afraid to speak up are way older and more experienced than her. Akinfolarin Baruwa sexually harasses like a tutored glutton, If she gave even a little level of physical resistance then SHE WAS RAPED.
To the victim this is for you!.. I am coming out to tell my story because of you!

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