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How blogger Helen Ozor was robbed yesterday in Unilag

Event blogger, Helen Ozor was robbed yesterday Tuesday, 4th of August, 2015 at the University of Lagos, Unilag. How she explained the ugly incident below:

A lot of things happen to people at the University of Lagos but we only get to hear a few of these things or we may not even hear about these things at all. For about a month, I have been taking photography classes at Yaba. Yesterday, 4th of August, my photography coach fixed our class at the Sports Centre at the University of Lagos. continue.....

I drove into the premises at about 2pm. Meanwhile, a sporting event organized by MTN took place at the sports centre yesterday. After my class at about 5pm, I got to the car park and discovered that my car had been burgled with three of the glass wand down. My camera bag containing 2 lenses, 64gig memory card, batteries, camera cable, blackberry Q10, another bag containing my wallet, notepads, GTB ATM card, ID card, voters card, money, drivers Licence were all stolen from the car. I also discovered that my car key could not lock the door.

The security guards at the sports centre referred me to their security office where I made a statement. After I narrated my ordeal, one of the security officer said 'You're lucky they didn't go with your car'. I was also asked to report the case at the Sabo police station.

When I narrated what happened to the officer in charge of the case at the station, he made me understand that this isn't the first time people would report cases of theft to them. Apparently, the situation is getting out of hand. Just incase you would be attending an event at Unilag or you have some engagement within the premises of the institution, please note that your things are not safe. You park at your own risk despite the presence of security guards.

That's very bad... So sorry dear. God Almighty will hastily return the loss in multiple folds.

On this very note; as a stakeholder and member of the Unilag community, I will like to appeal to our dear security men to PLEASE be more watchful on duty, to avoid further occurrence of such incident. And to the visitors, please be conscious of your environment, not everybody you see on campus is a student, some come solely to carry out their evil deeds.

It is very painful I must say.

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