Friday, August 7

My thoughts this morning, be inspired

Irrespective of what yesterday might be like, this beautiful morning has a message which says: "wake up dear friend, and do it once again". Little did you realize the failure of yesterday has taken you several steps forward. Have you ever noticed, one hit can't break a rock. 

President Buhari mustn't have been the number 1 citizen of this great country today, if he had given up at his 3rd attempt as a failure. He said in a recent speech:
....subsequent life of hard work, endurance and perseverance. "I contested for president three times and failed," he said. "Then I did it the fourth time and won."
Do you know the pillars of your challenge is getting shaky each time you try? Get up with a smile and say to yourself "I can do it". 

If only you know how many minutes it took, starring at my computer before I finally got to put the words down this very way; even after a thousand and one write ups I have done in the time past, then giving up will never be an option anytime your courage is challenged.

I even heard 'Challenge' shouldn't get you off balance, its just a bus stop in Ibadan.

Waking up this morning, you have all it takes to be who you wanna be. Right within you is all you looking for. Don't ever forget we are all in this struggle together, you are not alone.

Stand up to your feet and say no to the limits. Say a little prayer. Put God first and the world is all yours.

Good morning dear friends of Tayo Lawal.

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