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Unilag Awards (The Immortals) official press release

The UNILAG Awards committee, in conjunction with the University of Lagos Students' Union (ULSU), wishes to inform the entire populace of UNILAG campuses on an ensuing 'UNILAG Awards' show slated for October 2, 2015 at the Akoka Campus.

The 'UNILAG Awards' is a brainchild of the University of Lagos Students Union propelled by a synergy with the UNILAG Awards Committee comprising students drawn from across various faculties of the Akoka and Idi-Araba campuses. continue...

Members of the fifteen-man Committee chaired by Moyosore Adebanjo include:
Tomiwa Talabi, Tolulope Ajayi, Lateef Salvador, Charles Agu, Tobi Etti, Seun Okoya, Jumai Fabuyi, Victor Egbe, Ope Bello, Seun Owolabi, Adeyeye Yosola, Mayowa Alabi, Fisayo Fosudo, and Shomala Isma'il.

After a long hiatus of a decade with the ULSU, the award show returns to achieve its founding aim of recognizing, and according accolades to thriving students and excelling alumni of UNILAG.

This year's edition is laced with six grouped award categories:

1) IMPACT Awards which celebrates students who have achieved much in the areas of building relationships/collaborations, creativity and innovation; awards in this category include Mr. & Miss Personality, Best Online Personality, and many more;

2) LEADERSHIP Awards celebrating students who have exhibited excellence in visionary & collaborative leadership; awards under this category are Best Faculty President, Best Class/Course Rep., and Best Student Leader;

3) INNOVATION & ENHANCEMENT Awards recognizing students who have innovations/discoveries creating sustainable and innovative results; examples may include, but are not limited to Scientific discovery;

4) OUTSTANDING SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Awards which recognizes outstanding social enterprises that have offered immense benefits; awards under this include Most Enterprising Student (Male/Female), Best Food Outlets, Best Banking Service, and more;

5) ANNUALS Awards which awards the most outstanding categories of the year like Student Politician of Year, Sports-man of the Year, Dean of the Year, UNILAG Man of the Year, and many others;

6) ALUMNI RECOGNITION Awards recognizing successful alumni of the school; accolades under this include Lifetime Achievement Award, Honorary Alumni Award, Corporate Partner Award, and more.

Also, amongst the list is a posthumous award to the past Vice Chancellor Late Professor Adetokunbo Babatunde Sofoluwe.

The nomination process has commenced. The nomination forms for all these sub-categories is slated to reach the various faculties of the school (in Akoka and Idi-Araba) within this week. However, the forms will be availed to solely 25% of each faculty's population of students as this is the method to be adopted for the nomination process to ensure efficacy, and curb redundancy.

More so, certain categories are not up for competition; such include definite ones like Best CGPA in the School, and the likes.

The awards show is scheduled to hold at the Multipurpose Halls A, B, and C, by 5p.m. on October 2.

Other aligned activities preceding the event include auditions, for ushers and red carpet hosts, open to all UNILAG Students. The scheduled date will be communicated in due time.

Students can follow the 'UNILAG Awards' on twitter and instagram (@theunilagawards) for updates.

For more information/enquiries, the 'UNILAG Awards' Committee can be contacted via any of the following media:

Mobile: 0802 121 3141; 0802 524 2157
0808 516 8341; 0813 571 6200
Twitter: @theunilagawards
Instagram: @theunilagawards
BBM: 7F6729BA

Moyosore Adebanjo
Committee Chairman

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  1. Ok so where are the nomination forms

  2. The forms have been sent across to various faculties as implied in the post above am sure ur faculty wouldn't av bn left out.