Thursday, September 10

Entrepreneurship: The key to financial freedom - DLM

The energy of youth can spark economies … The future belongs to them and they have a clear vision of the world we need to build together: peace, the preservation of our beautiful planet, the opportunity to make a better life.” – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Sub-Saharan Africa has the world’s youngest population and is home to over 200 million young people. Two out of three inhabitants are under 25 years of age and 44% of its population is under the age of 15.

Young African men and women are critical to the development of the entrepreneurial ecospace.

Rather than wait for a job, you can take the lead to becoming an entrepreneur and create jobs instead.

The top on the handle of my instagram @ideastrategist was created by a young woman whose ox won't be gored by the economic circumstances around her.

She would rather defy the odds and create one piece a day to sell to someone. Imagine that enmass when she eventually gets the support of investors and customers.

Becoming an entrepreneur may seem hard to a lot of young people but the truth is Nigeria has got too much problems waiting for someone to solve them and sincerely that is the beginning of entrepreneurship.

What is the problem around you?

What skills have you learnt?

What opportunities have you identified?

Which market exist now that needs a Product or service?

If you have one answer to any of these questions, then you are probably not maximizing your chances of becoming an entrepreneur.

Just in case you are still unclear, add me on BBM 2C11F0BC and let me guide you in just 30mins.

Don't be jabbed by waiting for a job, you can create the jobs instead.

Africa needs more entrepreneurs like you.

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