Tuesday, September 29

How to print Unilag postgraduate exam pass

You can now print the postgraduate exam pass. And you don't have to get to Unilag before you can do this. You can do it from the convenience of your home, provided you have a printer, and if not make use of a nearby cybercafe.

If you check and yours is not online yet, you don't need to panic uploading is in progress. Just wait for some minutes and check back again following the same steps below:

1. Click Unilag Postgraduate Exam Pass
2. Login with your details (your application number is on the printed form you have with you & the password is your surname in small letter).

When you login, your application form will appear, look out for "Print Exam Pass" Its right above your picture, click on it and print it out.

Its as simple as that.

Remember: You can do it anywhere so far there's a printer and if your own exam pass is not online yet, just check back after sometimes. Okai?

If you have any related question, feel free to make use of the comment section below. I will reply you as soon.

You can check the Exam Timetable HERE (click)

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