Tuesday, October 20

1st Runner-up Miss Unilag 2015, Obidiebube Mmesoma shares inspiring story of her journey to success

1st runner-up Miss Unilag 2015, Obidiebube Mmesoma Precious took to her instagram page to share an inspiring story of some of the challenges encountered at the various stages of the recently held Miss Unilag 2015 contest and how she was able to conquer her fear with the help of God and support from her family members. Its an interesting and very inspiring piece. Read below......

Talent time during the Pageant, I have a long story to tell you about this talent. Okay from the beginning of rehearsals I ddnt even know what my talent was gonna be, I wanted to dance buh I remember @fowlermodels telling me that 'whyning' wasn't a talent that ll impress someone so I had sleepless night looking for what else to do. My darling sister @vonniemakeovers wanted me to learn the guitar buh my trainer disappointed me and I felt I wasn't gonna learn that in 2weeks so I waived that off.
At some point I wanted to act a drama buh that ddnt click well . I went home to talk to my mum and sister , so I wanted to make an Ankara shoe and bag(I even practiced for it) buh I remember during talents you ll be given about 2minutes so the whole thing got me frustrated . A day before the pageant My sister tot of me tying a gele so I practiced that too and set off for school . During our overnight rehearsals when I said I was gonna tie a gele everyone gave me this "lol" kinda look.
I felt that wasn't good enough buh I resisted regardless . On the morning of the D-Day , my mum called me on phone and said I should sew an Ankara shirt and I was so furious cos I ddnt plan or even practice on it . I remember complaining to @missonyinye on how disorganised I was and she encouraged me. My mum sent my brother and aunt to me to bring the materials I was gonna be needing. Before we went out to display I told @fowlermodels that I was gonna be changing my talent and lol that look on his face like "this girl you have wahala".
So he changed the talent I wrote down before giving the judges the list. It was my turn to display my talent, I went there with God. I sewed an ANKARA shirt within 3mins , I was even dancing while on it. Thank you to all those that stood by me especially my family @sheila.obiezeani @vonniemakeovers @brendanobii7 @empressady @beautiful_handz @lilian_obi it gave me confidence. 
Oh well I want to Inspire people with this story. Always remember to put God first in everything you do, believe in yourself and one day you will get there.

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