Friday, October 23

America based Nigerian big girl shares inspiring story of her past

According to her, she was born here in Nigeria, faced with every challenge of growing up as a child from a very poor family. Read her story below.....
Most ppl don't like sharing their past, but I believe God put me thru everything he has put me thru so I can be a blessing to others. No I am not ashamed of where I came from and can NEVER forget it. This picture right here!! Use to be me, I wasn't born into a rich family, if u know what dirt poor means then that was me. At least 4 of my family members hv died of sickness that could hv been easily cured If the money was there. I got kicked outta school so many times for not paying school fees, but I would hide outside the classroom window paying attention to what was being taught. I am sharing this with you guys so you know that whatever u r going thru, somebody has it worse, and if u are that person that has it worse, have faith in God and never lose hope of a better day. If u would hv told me I would be a girl living in America with a loving family with nice clothes, free education, and endless opportunities I would have yelled at u for trying to give me false hope, but here I am, even tho the devil has been working hard to take it way from me, he that is in me is greater. So please guys make prayer and God your iPhones and Instagram that you go to everyday because without him.... Who knows what tomorrow is pregnant with.

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