Wednesday, October 28

Baby born without a brain celebrates 2 years birthday

For any mother, hearing their baby's first word is a momentous occasion. But for Emma Murray, it was a moment she thought would never happen with her youngest child Aaron.

When the two-year-old said 'Mummy', Emma, from Lanarkshire, Scotland, said it seemed like a miracle as her son was born with only the tiniest part of a brain.

Just minutes after giving birth in 2013, Emma, 24, was told by doctors that Aaron had a very rare health condition known as holoprosencephaly which they said left him 'incompatible with life'. Aaron was born with only a brain stem which allows him to breathe and move but does not have a full brain.

Emma was advised to invite her closest family to the hospital to meet her newborn boy before he passed away. But more than two years on, Aaron is not only alive but enjoys giggling and clapping his hands with his big brother, Jack, aged three.

Aaron has amazed doctors so far with his survival and the family were stunned when a few weeks ago, Aaron said 'Mummy' for the first time.

Unquestionable God!

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