Friday, October 23

Live a brand new, beautiful life of possiblities with Cosmetics box Nigeria

Irrespective of who you are, what you do or where you come from, you deserve a very beautiful life of luxury in its simplest form.

Cosmetics box Nigeria is a makeup storage company that designs and sells luxury acrylic makeup organizers made to simplify your beauty routine. There is no need stressing yourself searching for a particular lipstick or eye shadow because our organizers keep everything in place and makes it easy to get your makeup without any waste of your precious time. They are easy to clean, durable and stackable. See pictures after the cut....

Our organizers are made from quality acrylic material which makes it easy to fit into any d├ęcor. Be it at
home or makeup studio. Give us a try today and you will be amazed on how organized your vanity table would be.

We offer various organizers to meet different needs: they include:

1. 24-slot Lipstick holder - #2500

2. Makeup brush holder #2500

3. 3-drawer organizer - #7500

4. 4-drawer organizer - #7500

5. 4-drawer organizer with attached mirror - #8500

6. Large 4-drawer organizer with inner dividers - #10,000

7. Table top mirror -  #4000

Contact details:

Mobile: 08062070096
Instagram: cosmeticsbox_ng

We also sell on konga: link

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  1. Great quality, you won't regret buying their organizers!! Good customer relationship :)