Wednesday, October 21

Man prevents Ambulance from getting patient to the hospital over right of way

This is a shocking moment when a heated row broke out between a BMW driver and two paramedics in an extraordinary stand-off over who had the right of way.

The shouting match came after the ambulance approached Tongdean Lane in Brighton, East Sussex, but was unable to get through because the BMW and a Tesco delivery van were blocking the entrance.

The driver of the BMW Mr Waugh and the driver of the Tesco delivery van who has not been named were embroiled in a stalemate over who should reverse at the railway bridge.

As the two drivers argued over the situation, a paramedic car and an ambulance arrived at the scene but were forced to stop behind the white BMW which was blocking the entrance to the tunnel.

One of the South East Coast Ambulance Service paramedics stepped out of the ambulance and marched towards Mr Waugh saying: 'You are obstructing a patient getting to hospital'.
The BMW driver, a businessman, can then be heard responding to the driver with: 'I am not'.

Orisirisi madness... I used to think its only my naija people that have degree in this act! issokai o.

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