Wednesday, October 7

My ministerial nomination is a big surprise - Fayemi

Speaking to newsmen last night in Abuja, former governor of Ekiti state Dr. Kayode Fayemi has described is ministerial nomination by President Muhammadu Buhari as a surprise. He said, he never expected his name to be on the list. His statement below:

"Well, to the extent that I was not told by the President that I was going to be on his list, yes, it came as a surprise. The President is a surprise master, let me put it that way. He did not tell anyone to the best of my knowledge and I would have thought that I was in vantage position to know more than others.  
I was with him for five days before then, I was with him in New York at the United Nation General Assembly and he never said a word about his list to me nor to anyone else. We came back to Nigeria together, I was with him till 4:00pm on the evening he submitted the list to the President of the Senate and I didn’t have any clue of what is going to happen. So, to that extent I was pleasantly surprised.”

Oshay! awon ti I never expederit!!! Shebi we get tribal marks... lol.

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