Sunday, October 18

Nigeria Oscar Awards 2015: Vote Tayo Lawal as Online Media Personality (Male)

Good morning lovely TLBians, kindly vote your very own Tayo Lawal as the "Online Media Personality (Male)" at the 2015 Nigeria Oscar Awards. Its quite very simple and straight forward. As it is in the image above.

To vote:

1. Click

2. In the Category: select "Online Media Personality (Male)" 

3. In the Nominee's Voting Code: type PUF

4. Click Vote

And that's all, its as simple as that. Voting is ending this coming Friday 23rd of October and you can VOTE ONCE EVERYDAY on every device. So you can use your phone, and move on to your iPad and also your computer to cast one vote on each everyday.

Thanks for the love and endless support. You are the best!

You can make use of the comment section below to tell me after voting.  THANK YOU!!!

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