Wednesday, October 7

This is serious! Man impregnates his mother twice

A middle aged man had reportedly impregnated his own mother two times and eloped with the said mother after the community threatened to punish them for the incestuous act.

Simon Matsvara from Pote Village, Zimbabwe committed the crime when he came to look after his father who had suffered stroke. Simon and Ethel Vhangare, his mother have ran away after community members vowed to attack them.

This is the second time Simon is impregnating his mother. The first pregnancy had ended in a miscarriage and community elders fined Simon an undisclosed number of cattle. They had told the duo to stop the incestuous act or face the consequences. Unknown to the elders, Simon continued the unholy affair with his mother resulting in a second pregnancy.

Simon’s father died shortly after and this led people to suggest that it must have been the effect of the abominable act that resulted in his death.

Simon and his mother continued the affair after his father’s death resulting in another pregnancy. Simon’s mother is already 5 months pregnant. When villagers realized this, they reported the matter to the chief who ordered for Simon and his mother’s arrest. Before they could be arrested, Simon fled with his mother. The chief and the people have vowed to punish the duo according to customs and tradition. The community condemned the act as sacrilegious.

Elei o gidi gan o.. Haba!

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